SDS Inaugural Meetup

Written by Levi Vaguez

We conducted the inaugural meetup on 29th July, 2017 at School Of Technology and Applied Sciences, Edappally in association with FOSS Kerala.

The Meetup started at 10 am by a small introductury talk about FOSS Kerala by Anantha Narayanan.

The importance for a student developer community was stressed by Venkat Subramanium followed by a presentation of the SDS Promo video. Jesvin Jose conducted a small session on "SQL Injection and cross site scripting".

The session was followed by the formal inauguration of SDS by the honorable guest, Ashok Shenoy. Valyomana A.G, lecturer of STAS Edappally charmed the students with her witty advice and wished them good luck.

The participants got to interact among themselves at the networking session while having some refreshments. The meetup came to close at 2PM.